Amphan followed by Yaas has largely destroyed the whole ecosystem and livelihood of people in sensitive areas of Sunderbans. Both has increased water salinity and salinity level of paddy fields which are the only food source for locals. Local farmers had forgone the thought of growing paddy for atleast 2-3 years.

We from Uttarayan Wildlife decided to step in with a specially developed scientific organic formulae to de-salinize the paddy fields as a mere experiment (never done before) in Sonaga, Gosaba, Sundarbans. The de-salinity mixture was mixed and tilled in the saline lands and left to soak for a good 1 month in a 10 bigha of land.

Life in the Sunderbans is tenuous at the best of times, and when their main source of survival was wiped out by the cyclones, local people turned to the forest for more of their everyday needs. This took the form of over-fishing in the mangrove creeks, deforestation to meet daily needs, and increased honey collection, all of which put people in conflict with their environment and its wildlife.

The success of the experiment has given immense confidence to local farmers, who are now asking for our support to rejuvenate the other lands in the region. We are now also helping with planting salt-resistant fruit trees.

Songaon – our model village we started plantation of fruit plants to address UN SDG of Food Bank which will create a balance between ecological restoration and human well being.

A milestone success in restoration

Post Amphan and Yaas, most agricultural fields are unusable due to high salinity levels. Uttarayan wildlife with the help of experts like Dr. Sen prepared a formulae for de-salinization which yielded good results.


Post treatment of high salinity soil, farmers are exultant that they could sow the initial paddy seed

50 families given fruit plants for creating Food Bank and soil tested for salinity

Sundarbans Plastic waste collection and recycling with our partner concern SN Green

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